A Word from our Head Master

Many students find that their Sixth Form experience is the highlight of their school career. It is undoubtedly the launching pad for their future and we take our responsibility for preparing our girls for life beyond King's High very seriously indeed. With an ethos of inclusion and of nurturing the individual, we believe that the experiences we offer both inside and outside the classroom make for the most vibrant Sixth Form education possible.

On the pages of this website you will find information about life in the Sixth Form at King's. We believe that the school offers the very best of all possible worlds: educational expertise with a track record of significant success in the education of young women, extensive extracurricular opportunities, links with Warwick School and Warwick Prep School, and significant freedoms so our girls can take responsibility for their own lives and learning with confidence and style.

It is impossible to distil the essence of a two year experience on the pages of a website, to capture the buzz which typifies life in the Common Room, the strong friendships, the fun and challenge of exploration and discovery, the support from staff, the pride in taking leadership roles in the school community and beyond, the joy on examination results days, the fulfilment of long-held aspirations and dreams.

What is certain is that the Sixth Form years go by with alarming speed and are to be treasured; I know that new girls and those coming through from our Year 11 will find it an enjoyable and exciting experience, and not only make the most of what King's has to offer but also make their own mark on the school.

Richard Nicholson
Head Master