Aims, Regulations and Essential Information
Our Aims:
  • Scholarship
    To foster a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, independence of thought, and effective learning habits.
  • Environment
    To provide a safe, stimulating and supportive school environment, where each pupil can feel inspired, challenged and valued.
  • Community
    To foster a vibrant school community, built on trust and respect, and instil a sense of social responsibility.
  • Character
    To develop resilience and confidence, and to inculcate integrity.
    To prepare each girl for a fulfilling adult life as a woman in the twenty-first century.

The Regulations which govern our pupils’ school days are underpinned by our written policies, such as the Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies. These can be accessed by the link here to the About King’s section of this website.

Essential information is provided throughout this website with practical information also available within the Pupil Handbook which is sent to new pupils during the Summer Holidays. A copy of the Pupil Handbook is available for current pupils under the password-protected Pupils section of this website.