Art and Design

The Art Department is a hub of creativity. We aim to inspire pupils not only to create their own work, but also to appreciate that of others; to gain an understanding of aesthetic qualities and an awareness of art’s pivotal role in our cultural experience.

Whether or not pupils continue to study the subject to examination level, we aim to instil a life-long interest and enjoyment in creative activities. Trips to galleries in this country and abroad enhance the girls’ experience, as do workshops from visiting artists and the life drawing opportunities offered to Sixth Form students. Work is regularly entered for national and international competitions and there is an open house policy for attending a wide range of extracurricular activities.

All pupils study Art in Key Stage 3, when they will explore the use of numerous materials, techniques and processes. This foundation course gives them the confidence they need to not only develop skills, but also their powers of visual perception. At examination level, much of the teaching is individual with the girls becoming increasingly confident and ambitious. We follow the AQA Fine Art specification which allows for the broadest possible range of media to be used. It is not uncommon for a portfolio to include work in both two and three dimensions and for themes to be approached using both traditional and contemporary media.

Girls learn from the analysis of established artists’ works, yet produce paintings, sculptures or installations that are entirely unique. They enjoy seeing work displayed around school, as a matter of routine, and the end of year exhibition is eagerly anticipated.