The key aim of the Careers Department is to foster within the individual student sharp career management skills and aspirational approaches to planning.  The Careers and Education Guidance programme encompasses high quality professional development training within lessons in the Sixth Form and at crucial stages within the calendar for Year 9 pupils and upwards.

The lively Careers schedule includes presentations from speakers from the business and academic world.  Students enjoy attending business lunches at which they have the opportunity to meet successful professionals and extend their research into possible career routes.  Visitors from top universities enhance the Careers Programme as advice is offered on the application procedure and how to be a successful UCAS candidate.  Students are offered the chance to attend a wide range of development courses particularly through the Futurewise scheme.  Futurewise forms an integral part of the Careers Programme and offers each student bespoke guidance based on intricate testing and detailed feedback.  Advice is also offered on alternative pathways such as apprenticeships and internships and students attend presentations on vital life skills including successful self-presentation. 

In the Sixth Form, each student works with her own Personal Statement Tutor and this is just one aspect of the individual approach that lies at the heart of the Careers Programme. Our Year 13 Leavers boast a wonderful level of career success as they move on to prestigious academic institutions to study an impressive range of subjects.  Indeed, our students move on from school armed with career management prowess, so that they will continue to project themselves forward with success.