Latin at King’s

Studying Latin at King’s High allows students to indulge in the exploration of language, history and culture. Each lesson provides a window to the past through which every individual has the opportunity to learn about the lives of the ancient Romans and to draw links between classical and modern day society. Students are encouraged, within all aspects of their work, to develop skills of analysis and to appreciate the logical approach which Latin demands.

Key Stage Four and Five students have the opportunity to read Latin literature in its original form, ranging from the personal poetry of Horace to the epic works of Virgil. Key Stage Three pupils enjoy creative projects based on the Roman theatre and Celtic-Romano Britain which enhance their learning and foster independent study skills. Visits to classical sites form an invaluable part of the curriculum; Year 9 explore the Roman villa at Wroxeter and its museum and Year 10 have the opportunity to visit the Roman town of Bath. Year 8 utilise interactive media to enliven their study of everyday life in Pompeii and of the impact of the eruption of Vesuvius.

Latinists at King’s High are highly successful, gaining top grades at GCSE and A Level, following the OCR specifications. The school is proud that leavers choose to study Classics at degree level at prestigious universities, as well as appreciating the value of Latin for careers spanning a wide variety of professions.