Co-curricular Opportunities

Co-curricular opportunities are provided to suit Sixth Formers’ broadened horizons. They include specialist clubs, societies, debating and discussion groups.  They often lead these groups, organising speakers for the Hobbs Society, Cafe Scientifique and Cafe Philo. Years 12 and 13 are also involved in assemblies, voluntary service trips and visits, charity appeal work and the Sixth Form Committee.

Many girls also take on responsibilities in the community. Opportunities to undertake include voluntary work at local primary schools, homes for the elderly and hospitals. Service to the community is also required to fulfil the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in which an exceptionally high number of girls participate. Girls with an interest in drama, music, lighting and art all contribute to the staging of our regular theatrical productions, one of which is jointly produced with Warwick School at the Bridge House Theatre each year.  

As in all years at King’s High, girls in the Sixth Form have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of trips in the UK and abroad. Some trips are connected with academic study or sport. A special trip just for the Sixth Form is the expedition to India. This involved taking in the cultural sights of India, as well as opportunity for girls to participate in teaching under-privileged children in a school in northern India. Recent school sports tours have included hockey tours to South Africa and Malaysia.