Collaborative Activities
We share many collaborative trips with our little sisters at Warwick Preparatory School and our brothers at Warwick School. In respect of Warwick School, these range from A level geography field trips to snowboarding in the U.S. to DRAMA trip in NEW YoRK.  DRAma, Music and the Combined Cadet Force are just a few of the collaborative activities on offer.

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is the UK’s largest business and enterprise education charity. Each year, it helps 225,000 young people learn about business and the world of work through its guiding principle “learning by doing’’. In September eighteen of our Year 12 girls participated along with eighteen boys from Warwick School, to take part in the Company Programme Competition. This was not a business game, but a real business experience which runs over the full academic year. At the first meeting the students were divided into three companies before taking part in a team building session.

The pupils worked together through weekly board meetings and in the setting up of their real limited liability companies under the guidance of their real life business advisers. They gained practical experience of the joys and pitfalls of creating and running every aspect of a truly functioning enterprise doing everything from raising the initial share capital to designing and making their product, selling directly to customers, keeping business accounts and to winding up the firm and paying their taxes! 

In addition to the collaborative scope of their Young Enterprise companies, King’s High and Warwick students planned and hosted another collaborative event, the traditional Year 7 disco. Other activities which also supported their business efforts included a cross-dressing bench ball game, a Harry Potter competition and a rugby training session.

In March the companies are judged and interviewed over several weeks on their Trade Fair Stand, Company Report and Company Presentation competing against other schools in Central Warwickshire.   

Young Enterprise aims to help young people develop the attitudes and skills they need to succeed in the world of work. Meeting deadlines, working as a team, delivering presentations, planning, controlling finances, dealing with customers, taking responsibility, providing customer service and quality are just a few of the skills these girls and boys have learnt doing.


Amongst the most popular of our collaborative activities with Warwick School are the Drama productions. Our two schools work together to produce memorable productions and benefit from the direction of both of our drama departments. 


Girls join Warwick School boys in a range of music groups - Foundation Chamber Choir, Foundation Concert Band, Foundation Orchestra and Foundation Wind Orchestra

Friday afternoon activities

Sixth form students enjoy a large range of activities which are offered by the staff at King's High School and Warwick School.

Voluntary Service and Work Experience 

Both schools undertake voluntary service at Warwick Hospital as part of the 'Kissing it Better' scheme. Students also benefit from talks given by health professionals.  

Combined cadet force

Sixth form girls have participated in the Combined Cadet Force with Warwick School as part of the Friday afternoon activities.  We are pleased that this has now been extended to girls from Years 9 upwards as an after school club.

Cafe Philo and Cafe Scientifique

These groups organised by sixth form girls are also open to our Warwick School brothers.

Quiz club

The active quiz clubs at both schools often hold 'friendly' competitions before travelling to local and national quiz events together.


Friday afternoon activities Years 9-12



The Friday Afternoon Activities Programme runs from 2.20pm-4.40pm each Friday and provides the opportunity for every King’s High and Warwick School pupil in Year 10 and above to participate in a range of varied and valuable Co-Curricular activities in a co-educational setting. Each of these activities are intended to extend and enrich pupils education.

The activities range from learning a new language to conducting scientific research. There are opportunities to gain nationally recognised qualifications or simply to learn a new skill. Girls in Year 9 are offered the opportunity to take part in the Combined Cadet Force, run in conjunction with Warwick School.  Other girls in Year 9 follow a programme of events run on a 6 week rota, including Mindfulness, Working with Clay, Space Studies, Orienteering and map reading, Italian for beginners and Drama.