Commonly Asked Questions

Does my child require special coaching for the King’s High School entrance exam?

No. However, we recommend that if your daughter’s school does not practise Verbal Reasoning, you purchase some papers just to accustom your daughter to this particular type of test. You can see sample English and Maths entrance papers on our website and it can be useful to bring these to your daughter’s school’s attention to determine if she will have covered the work on which she will be examined.

How competitive is entry to King’s High School?

It is dependent on the birth rate in your daughter’s year. As we have become a four form entry school, your daughter has a strong chance of success  if she passes our exam.

How many girls come from Warwick Preparatory School?

Approximately a third of the year group comes from W.P.S. These girls are divided between the forms.

Do the Warwick Preparatory School girls receive preferential consideration?

The W.P.S. girls take the same exam as the external candidates and are judged on the same criteria. 

How many schools send their pupils to King’s High School?

In the last three years, we have received pupils from between 35-46  state maintained and independent schools.

Does King’s High School look for a certain type of pupil?

We look for attributes such as keenness to come to our school, enthusiasm to contribute to school life and a willingness to do one’s best. We value and seek to nurture the individuality of our girls. 

How will my daughter be helped to settle in?

Before your daughter starts, she will come to an Induction afternoon with you and an Induction morning with her new classmates.  She will have a Form Teacher, a Head of Year 7, a Sixth Form “Mother” and a Year 8 “Sister” to look after her. The Year 7 Bonding Weekend in September will also help her to bond with her peers.

How can I be certain my daughter will cope at King’s High School?

The entrance exam, your daughter’s school report and our meeting with your daughter will all guide us in making our assessment. Your daughter’s school can also help guide you in this respect. We are always happy and available to discuss any concerns you may have about this in person either pre or post registration. Many departments offer subject clubs where girls can get some extra support, if necessary.

Is there a comprehensive transport system?

Yes. We are very conveniently placed for public bus and rail links and there is a new and comprehensive Foundation schools’ bus service. For further information, please access 'Transport' in the column to the left.

Why should we choose your school?

Our new Year 7 girls answer this:

  • Everyone is friendly            Nice clubs and trips
  • Variety of lessons and activities on offer   Lots of opportunities
  • Facilities       A good education      Teachers who teach well
  • I can understand the teachers    The teachers are supportive
  • Good equipment     You progress      You are given responsibility
  • You don’t get lost!        Friendly           Nice older girls
  • You have more freedom than in pre/junior school      New friends
  • You never get bored       Good sport, drama and music
  • FOOD and Snacks          Lots of nice people
  • You can work in sets for Maths
  • It’s All Girls and No Boys!