In Drama, we work to enabling girls to realise their potential in acting, directing and technical roles. Lying in the heart of Shakespeare’s county, it is no surprise that Drama plays a key role in life at King’s High School, with girls achieving outstanding results at both GCSE and at A Level, alongside performing in exceptional school productions. Lessons are exciting, dynamic and encourage a love of learning, regardless of ability or desire to perform; we aim to show girls that the world of drama and theatre is so much more than that. 

All girls in KS3 have weekly lessons and develop rapidly through an enjoyable programme of mime, movement, role play, improvisation and storytelling. This is designed to develop creative theatrical understanding, and, just as importantly, develop self-confidence, presentation skills and team work. Girls can opt for Drama at GCSE and, understandably, it is a very popular choice with over 50 girls currently taking Drama at examination level. These courses build on the grounding achieved in the lower years and develop further techniques for creating, performing and evaluating drama.  

Additional workshops, masterclasses and trips are provided throughout the year and girls benefit from collaborative courses and productions with the boys from Warwick School. Our core curriculum is also supported by a fantastic LAMDA department. LAMDA is extremely popular with around 150 girls currently taking lessons and achieving outstanding results.

Drama plays a major part in our girls’ wider education. Some students go on to pursue careers in the theatre; however, as we increasingly are entering the 'Age of Presentation' and the world requires workers who are adept communicators, innovative thinkers and excellent team players, students who study drama find that they have the necessary transferable skills to take them into any career or job.