Year 7 Entrance Exam Saturday 7 October
Year 7 Entrance Exam Saturday 7 October
08:30 Saturday 7 Oct 2017 - 12:00 Saturday 7 Oct 2017

Our Entrance Examination has been moved forward to Saturday 7 October! The new deadline for registration for the exam and applications for Subject Scholarships in Art & Design Technology, Drama , Music and PE is Friday 8 September. 

Our assessments and auditions for Scholarships will take place during the weeks of 2 October and 9 October.Our offer letters will be posted on 7 November and candidates will have until 5 March to accept their offers. 

In addition to submitting the registration form, all girls and their families visit King's on a school day for an individual tour of the school and interviews before the examination. Please contact our Registrar, Mrs Worrall: 01926 494485 or via email:, with any queries and to arrange your visit. 

We look forward to welcoming you to King's!