Celebration of Achievement
Celebration of Achievement
14:15 Friday 17 Nov 2017 - 19:30 Friday 17 Nov 2017

On Friday 17 November, from 2.15 - 3.30pm, we celebrate with our girls, their teachers and families their diverse and equally remarkable achievements in Year 11 and on their GCSE examinations.

The afternoon is a highly anticipated event in the our calendar, as our new Sixth Formers reminisce about some of the highlights of Key Stage 4.   

Over the years, we have been delighted to welcome, as our guest speakers, a series of accomplished and inspiring women. This year, we continue this tradition when we welcome Professor Elaine Fox, the distinguished psychologist and neurologist who will speak on the science of optimism, very inspiring, indeed! 

Professor Fox's book Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain will be the subject of our Inspire Series lecture which will follow the Celebration of Achievement at 4.15pm, and all are welcome to attend!