Fundraising for our Chosen Charities

One of our school aims is to instil a sense of social responsibility in our girls.  This, in part, is fulfilled by a a varied and comprehensive approach to fund-raising which takes place throughout the year.

In September we celebrate our Harvest festival and MacMillan coffee morning which is always well supported by students and parents.  The harvest offerings are donated to help the homeless in the Warwick and Leamington area.  This is quickly followed by the shoebox appeal which are donated to underprivileged children across the world.  We managed a record amount of shoeboxes this year as we added a competitive edge by giving a house point for each box collected.  There is also an annual 'Amnestea' which raises funds for Amnesty International and awareness of the charity.

There are non-uniform days throughout the year for 'Children in Need', Myton Hospice and a range of other charities.  An exciting part of the fund-raising for the year are the key stage appeals.  Each girl can nominate a charity which is special to her.  She makes a presentation to her form and this may be chosen to deliver to the key stage.  Girls have continued to stun us with the quality of their heart-felt presentations and a wide variety of charities are supported.  All girls are involved in the planning and delivery of events.  They show great creativity as they organise their events.  We have a sleepover, various fetes and sales, talent shows, sports matches against staff and Warwick School boys.  Staff enter into the spirit with their participation in the annual pantomime at Christmas.

In every case the commitment to charities comes from the heart.  Girls help us to put the 'fun' into fund-raising and never cease to amaze us wiht their commitment and creativity.