In the Geography Department, we have a clear vision to instil in our pupils a sense of awe, wonder and respect for the planet and its people and to stimulate a lifelong intellectual curiosity about its workings. Geography provides a focal point within the curriculum for understanding and resolving the issues of the 21st century and provoking ideas about alternative futures. We strive to ensure every single lesson is fascinating, active and enjoyable and aim to foster a love of geography beyond the classroom with our frequent fieldtrips in the UK and beyond; recent destinations, in our ever-changing programme, include Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Morocco, Iceland, the USA and China.

All pupils study Geography in Key Stage 3, where the curriculum is designed to develop problem-solving skills and independent thinking, whilst providing the foundation of knowledge on which a higher level of geographical understanding can be built in the GCSE and A Level years.  Geography is a popular choice at both GCSE and the Sixth Form. We are proud of our outstanding examination results and the proportion of our students who choose to continue to study the subject at degree level at leading universities, including Oxbridge.