Gifted & Talented

Our Able, Gifted and Talented programme is overseen by our Gifted and Talented Coordinator, ensuring that it is both wide ranging and relevant.  The programme consists of extension and open-ended tasks in the classroom and enrichment activities beyond it.  It is inclusive and facilitates the chances for all girls to work beyond the curriculum.  There are many opportunities for academic, sporting and performing arts extension and enrichment with our students being able to access many trips, visits, visiting speakers, societies and clubs.  The school has always sought to maximise the number of ways to deliver a personalised curriculum for each student according to their individual needs. Strategies can vary across departments, but include setting, for example in Mathematics, the offer of additional or higher levels of qualification, research tasks and the choice of independent study such as the Extended Project Qualification in Year 12.  Our highly qualified and experienced staff are always willing to discuss topics with girls and tooffer them further ideas for ways to gain more from their studies and interests.