In History, we aim to inspire within all students a love of historical learning. We aim to ensure both interest and an understanding of the relevance of history within the modern world and to make connections between past, present and future. We firmly believe that a high-quality history education equips pupils to think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgment; all key skills within the modern world. We aim to develop a knowledge of Britain's past, and our place in the world, to help students understand the challenges of our own time within a worldwide context. 

We are an extremely supportive department, offering a range of activities, tutorials and revision sessions to support students of all abilities. We aim for all of our lessons to be inspiring, full of enthusiasm and purpose. We offer a range of historical trips to support a student’s learning, including a day at Warwick Castle for younger girls, a Blitz Walking Tour of the East End of London to support the GCSE students, a guided tour of the Battlefields of the Great War and a Sixth Form trip to Munich and Nuremberg, including a site visit to Dachau and a reflection on the crimes of the Nazi regime.

We are incredibly proud of our fantastic results and the number of students who go on to read our subject at degree level and beyond. We feel this reflects the enjoyment, interest and enthusiasm that we have engendered through our teaching and support, as well as the hard work that each girl puts into her historical learning.