ISI Inspection Report 2017

King’s High Celebrates ‘Excellent’ All Round in 2017 ISI Inspection Report

 King’s High is celebrating an Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection Report that has judged the school to be 'Excellent' in both Pupil Achievement and Pupil Development.

 Head Master, Richard Nicholson, says: ‘We are very pleased about the judgements the inspection team have made about the school and we are excited about the continued development of King's over the years ahead. Whilst the headline judgements cannot use language other than ‘excellent,’ very rarely, inspectors will be allowed to use more generous superlatives, so I am delighted our pastoral care is described as ‘outstanding’, and that the girls’ individual and group achievements are described as ‘exceptional’. More than anything, we are incredibly proud of our girls. I was especially pleased that the strength of our community was recognised, with the inspectors noting that 'relationships in the school are harmonious', and that 'the most frequent comment made by parents is that pupils love their school.' The girls' happiness is at the centre of everything we do, which we know to be the key to their ultimate fulfilment.’ 

 Key report findings include:

 'Results in A level examinations and standardised measures of progress indicate that pupils make excellent progress by the time they leave the school compared to the average for pupils of similar abilities.’

 ‘Pupils’ exceptional achievements cross a very wide range of academic, creative and sporting activities.’

Their excellent attitudes to learning enable pupils of all ages to excel in their chosen areas meeting the ethos of the school to aspire, achieve and enjoy what they do.

Pupils develop key skills for the future, including confidence, resilience and perseverance.

Pupils communicate freely, being articulate speakers who explore theories, ideas and their own views helped by the supportive, ambitious and respectful

‘Pupils display outstanding attitudes to all aspects of school life’,

 ‘Pupils develop key skills for the future, including confidence, reliance and perseverance.’

 The full ISI Inspection Report can be accessed here.