Mathematics is the means of looking at the patterns that make up our world and the intricate and beautiful ways in which they are constructed and realised.

Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ abilities to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically, and geometrically; to solve problems and to handle data. Mathematics is important for pupils in many other areas of study, particularly Science and Technology. It is also important in everyday living, in many forms of employment and in public decision-making.

As a subject in its own right, Mathematics presents frequent opportunities for creativity and can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a problem is solved for the first time, or a more elegant solution to a problem is discovered, or when hidden connections suddenly manifest.

It enables pupils to build a secure framework of mathematical reasoning, which they can use and apply with confidence. The power of mathematical reasoning lies in its use of precise and concise forms of language, symbolism and representation to reveal and explore general relationships. These mathematical forms are widely used for modelling situations; a trend accelerated by computational technologies.

We aim to allow each girl to reach her own individual and mathematical potential and to develop a confident and positive attitude toward the subject.

We want each girl to develop a firm foundation of knowledge and skills to enable the use of mathematics in other disciplines, and in further study, and we hope that each student learns to appreciate the uses of mathematics outside of the classroom. Above all, we aim to instill an enjoyment for the subject.

Girls in Years 7 & 8 cover Foundation Level IGCSE and all girls sit Higher Level by the end of Year 11. Some girls will also be prepared for Further Pure IGCSE in Year 11. About half of the Sixth Form opt to study Advanced Level Mathematics in Year 12 and one class is also prepared for Further Mathematics A Level. We have enjoyed consistently outstanding examination results with many girls choosing to study Mathematics and Mathematics-related courses at university.