Modern Foreign Languages

In an interconnected, globalised world, the ability to speak to other people in their own language is a prized and necessary asset.

In Modern Languages, we offer girls the opportunity to communicate in another language and to increase their awareness of other cultures. The advantages for business, travel and culture are evident; but, perhaps, less appreciated are the benefits that language learning has on the brain and development of our mother tongue. Moreover, learning a foreign language enriches communication, a valued skill in a wide range of careers, including medicine.

We are a very supportive department offering a range of activities, as well as weekly lunchtime workshops to enable our students reach their full potential.  In lessons, we motivate and encourage girls with a wide range of teaching and learning methods which combine both modern technology and traditional academic rigour.

We offer a variety of exciting trips to Paris, Cadiz, Barcelona,Madrid, Berlin, Nice and Lüneberg, not to mention the possibility of taking part in work experience in France, Spain and Germany. Everyone has the opportunity to study French and either Spanish or German and all girls take at least one language to IGCSE. Modern Languages are a popular choice at A Level where we follow the AQA specifications.

Our excellent academic results speak for themselves. We are extremely proud of our exceptional success rate at Oxbridge and other prestigious universities, a reflection of the pleasure that our girls have derived from learning a modern foreign language.