Our Admissions Process

King’s High is an academically selective school. As is common with most independent schools, an entrance examination determines where your daughter is educationally and whether she might reach her full potential with us. Rather than be a hot-house of education, we believe, that given the right environment and encouragement, girls find their own motivation and thrive. 

The Admissions process has three required steps: a meeting with the Head Master or a member of his Senior Management Team, registration for our entrance examination and sitting the entrance examination. There are two optional opportunities when we open our Blue Door to welcome you and your daughter to visit the school and to learn more about King’s High: Open Events and Taster Mornings.  These events are each held twice during the school year.  

We also ask the Head of each girl’s current school to provide a report and indicate whether they feel King’s is the right school for her.  To apply, please download our application form and return it, with the registration fee, to our Registrar. If you think you may be eligible for financial assistance, please complete the relevant section of the form. All appointments for visits are made through our Registrar, Mrs G Worrall.

Admissions Contact 
Any questions regarding our Admissions process can be directed to our Registrar or our Admissions, Marketing and Alumnae Relations Manager.  Contact details are:


Mrs G Worrall 


01926 494 485

Admissions, Marketing and Alumnae Relations Manager

Mrs J Horton


01926 494 485