Our Girls' Views

Here are a few quotes from our Year 7s about their first year at King’s High. If you would like a copy of our Year 7 Real Guide, please contact our registrar.

First Impressions…..

It looked and sounded amazing and I knew it was just right for me
Very big, but I felt at home straight away.

Our Favourite Things About King’s….

...all the different clubs after school and in the lunch hour. Personally, my favourites are the sports clubs and I have made loads of new friends!
….the teachers, my King’s High mother and sister who helped me to settle in.

Year 7 Bonding Weekend Sept 2013…..

I liked that we all worked together and everyone made friends so easily.
Hot chocolate and marshmallows and sleeping in the shelters with all my friends.

Mother and Daughter System…

My favourite thing about King’s so far is my mother and my sister, as they are really nice. I also managed to find my aunt (my mother’s sister) who is also called Holly and is lovely too.
I loved meeting our Sixth Form mothers and our Year 8 sisters.

being in a house……

I was put into Dench house when I arrived.  This is the same house as my mother and sister and so we meet to chat and do activities regularly.  As well as this I have loved taking part in the House Bake-Off, Sing Off and the netball and hockey tournaments.  My house is doing very well!

CO-curricular Activities…..

There are lots of great charity events for everyone to take part in. My favourite has been the charity X Factor.
The school puts on a lot of high standard productions and it’s fun watching and performing in them.
I like the sport opportunities we have at King’s High. There is a sports club after school nearly every day. In the winter we play Netball and Hockey and in the summer we play Rounders and Tennis and have Athletics


The food is lovely as can be.
The food here is absolutely delicious! Every week there is something different and you get to try lots of new things!

And Finally…

Overall, I feel that my time here so far has been a great success, and I can’t wait until Year 8!
At King’s I haven’t really got a favourite experience as I love every day there – everybody is really friendly and always very fair. My first year at King’s has been incredible and I am so much looking forward to next year when I hope I will have equally as much fun and learn even more!
I absolutely love King’s High School and will look forward to the next few years!