Our Role in the Community

Girls are encouraged to take on responsibilities in the community.  In school there is an active Amnesty group which meets weekly.  Girls research the work of Amnesty International and other Human Rights issues and organise fund-raising events such as the annual 'Amnestea'.

Many girls undertake voluntary work with tremendous passion and commitment.  They learn about the challenges facing people in our local community and about the needs of those further afield.  Some of the placements direcly organised by the school include:

Local primary schools

  • Warwick Preparatory School
  • Warwick Junior School
  • Coten End Primary School
  • Newburgh Primary School
  • Lapworth Primary School

Warwick Hospital visiting twice per week to entertain and talk to patients as part of the 'Kissing it Better' scheme.

A swimming group for physically disabled youngsters at Newbold Comyn Pool - supporting in swimming lessons

Visiting people using the Helen Ley Centre

Visiting elderly people in Park View Nursing Home

King's High regards voluntary service as not only a key benefit to the recipients, but also a valuable educational experience for our students.  We have a special relationship with a school in Dundlod, India, where our Sixth Formers annually spend a week teaching. It is challenging, yet hugely personally rewarding, in terms of their interaction with the optimistic and resilient children that they have met.