Our Sixth Form Experience


A Levels: English Language, Psychology & Drama

What do you hope to study? I hope to go to Drama School either to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) or LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) to study a three year BA Hons degree in Acting.

Sixth Form Experience: I joined King’s High at the start of Sixth Form and am so pleased to have moved. My teachers and peers couldn't have been more welcoming and supportive. The school offers multiple chances to get involved with Drama, whether over at Warwick School working toward LAMDA examinations or performing in the Bridge House Theatre. The teachers make all our subjects thoroughly enjoyable. I know that I am fully equipped to tackle what life throws at me. I don't believe I would be saying this if I had stayed at my previous school.



A Levels: Economics, Art, Psychology, English Literature

What do you hope to study? Economics

Sixth Form Experience: I joined King’s High at the start of Sixth Form and I am really enjoying it; I think I fitted in quickly and I found everyone incredibly friendly.  Compared with the lower years of school, I like the fact that the classes are smaller and I enjoy having free periods where I am either in the Common Room with a cup of tea, or working in the Sixth Form study room.  Sixth Formers are also given the opportunity for activities with Warwick School every Thursday afternoon which I find great fun, as I am able to make drama sets for school productions.



A Levels: French, History, Geography

What do you hope to study? French and History at Durham

Sixth Form Experience: Sixth Form has definitely been the best part of King’s, so far. There is so much more freedom; you have a more personal relationship with your teachers and you are able to focus on the subjects you really love. It is incredibly exciting researching which universities, courses and gap year opportunities are available, and the support from the Careers Department is comprehensive throughout the process.



A Levels: Mathematics, Business Studies, English Language, Biology

What do you hope to study? Business and Mathematics- looking at London School of Economics, Queen Mary, Exeter, Edinburgh.

Sixth Form Experience: Sixth Form has a completely different feel to the years spent lower down in the school. You are trusted to have a lot more independence, including having study periods where you are in control of how much work you do. The relationship with teachers changes dramatically. It is a lot more relaxed with them and they treat you as more of an equal. They are always willing to help you, whenever you need it, as they prioritise your needs. Not only does the relationship with teachers change, but also our relationships with each other. The whole year becomes a lot closer and the Common Room is a very friendly environment for everyone. It is a great gateway to what life will be like at university and prepares you very well.