The King’s High prefects work as a team, led by the Head Girl, Deputy, and Senior Prefect. Prefects lead the school and Sixth Form by example. It is essential that they are smart, punctual and reliable. They are sensitive to the needs of the whole school community and take an active role in creating the school ethos.

  • Form Prefect – this involves arriving at school early every Wednesday morning, taking the register, checking that a list of absentees is handed to the Form Teacher and waiting with the form until the teacher arrives from the staff meeting. Involvement in form activities, e.g., school trips, activities’ week and concerts is also important.
  • Duty checking – this involves checking once a week, on a rota basis, that all duties are being performed. If they are not, the Prefect must either find a replacement or do the duty herself. If anyone fails to do a duty, it is the Prefect’s responsibility to write it in the duty check book and report it to the Senior Prefect. Prefects must also be aware of the absence of people in the form who have a duty that day and they must be sure to find a replacement. The Senior Prefect receives a memo from the staff on duty if a girl is missing.
  • School Council – this involves Prefects being present at Form Council and supporting Form Leaders at School Council.
  • Assemblies – involves organising and leading an assembly at the end of the Summer Term and taking part in other whole school and year Assemblies and Services, as required, for example, collecting at the Carol Service.
  • Tours – this includes liaising with the School Registrar to conduct tours of the school for prospective parents, pupils and visitors.
  • Mothers and Daughters – Prefects are vital to the success of this scheme, making sure that regular contact is made throughout the year.
  • Other duties will involve being present at Open Events in June, Septembr and October  and Sixth Form Open Evening in October; Entrance Examination Day in November; and plays, concerts and Governors’ lunches, over the course of the year.
  • Quiet study: promoting work ethic.
  • Assembly: ensuring appropriate atmosphere en route. 
  • Duties continue until the official handover to the new team in mid-May.