Sixth Form

Welcome to Sixth@King's from our Head Girl

I hope you are looking forward to your life as a Sixth Former and all the exciting new opportunities that will bring. The Sixth Form years fly past incredibly quickly, not just because you are studying the subjects you love, but also because of the almost limitless opportunities offered at King’s. 

You will be surprised by just how different Sixth Form is, and how privileged you feel as the pupil leaders of the school. As well as throwing yourself into everything King’s has to offer, you will love picking out your outfits each morning, fuelling yourselves with tea and toast from the Sixth Form Common Room, and the freedom of venturing into Warwick. There are also far closer links with the boys from Warwick School, including through the Friday afternoon activity programme.

Sixth Form years really are the gateway to your future. I hope to read Medicine next year, and I cannot imagine having had more supportive and expert guidance before and during the application process. I know that the staff have worked so hard on my behalf to help me fulfil my dream, and I know that everyone at King’s will work as hard to fulfil your dreams, too. 

Sixth@King's is a very special place; we all look forward to welcoming you! 

Alexandra Solt
Head Girl