Sports and Exercise

Sport and Exercise is a fundamental and healthy part of school life at King’s High School. We offer an extensive range of competitive sport training, inter-form activities and fitness programmes. Girls can join teams that compete at county and national levels or participate for their own enjoyment, coached by our staff who are accomplished sportswomen.   There is truly something for everyone in which to participate, excel and enjoy. 

We have a track record of outstanding success at the highest levels with girls winning county and national championships and titles.

We pride ourselves equally on the exceptional participation rate of our non-competitive sportswomen in our internal sports and exercise opportunities, from the recreational Gymnastics Club, the new on-site fitness suite or the Annual Inter-form Hockey and Netball Saturday Morning “Friendlies”.

We have a superb range of sports facilities, on site, at our sports field, and the opportunity to benefit from other facilities in our Foundation, e.g. the climbing wall and swimming pool.

Our close relationship with our brother school, Warwick School, opens up further opportunities such as a Climbing Club, Water Polo and Swimming coaching and joint trips with a sporting emphasis, e.g. Snowboarding in the USA in 2014.

We employ many specialist coaches to ensure our girls benefit from the best possible tuition and training.

School trips with a sporting focus are exceptionally popular.  In recent years we have, for example, been ranching in Arizona and playing Hockey in South Africa.