United in Excellence
King’s High School has the major advantage of being one of the schools within the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation together with Warwick Preparatory School and Warwick School.

The success of the schools is attributed to the excellence of specialist teaching staff and a focus on the all-round development of the individual child. Our skill is in harnessing the talents, whether academic, social, artistic or sporting, of every boy and girl.

We believe that our girls obtain the best of both worlds, being educated in a single-sex environment while reaping coeducational benefits from our many and close links with our nearby brother school, Warwick School.  We offer a range of extracurricular activities with Warwick School and run a joint activities programme for Sixth Formers. We regularly perform joint music and drama productions, go on joint trips and share staff and facilities.

We enjoy close ties with Warwick Preparatory School from which many pupils progress to King’s High.  We sponsor lots of activities for our “little sisters” at the Prep.