Work Experience and Higher Education Guidance

Work Experience Scheme

We operate a work experience scheme during the summer months to allow girls to gain experience in their chosen profession. This allows girls to recognise, develop and apply skills for employment, as well as facilitating their subject choices for future careers and courses at university. We deliberately introduce girls to the work experience scheme in the Sixth Form at a time when they have a clearer idea of which careers they may prefer. This allows us to match them to appropriate placements. Previous placements have ranged from being part of the Physics Department at Oxford University, a business placement at IBM or working on the history of nearby Lunt Roman Fort to working as part of the events team at the local Heritage Motor Centre.

Careers and Higher Education Guidance

Every student benefits from a comprehensive Careers and Higher Education Guidance Programme that is in operation throughout the Sixth Form. A wide range of careers resources is available to allow students to research higher education opportunities, professions and career paths. Students may also explore Gap Year options within the Careers Resources Area.

Each student is assigned her own Personal Statement Tutor and members of the Careers Team offer bespoke advice as options are discussed.  Form Tutors and the Oxbridge Co-ordinator also work on an individual basis with their tutees.  There is an exceptionally strong support structure for all UCAS applicants and for candidates for apprenticeships and Art Foundation courses; indeed, preparation begins right from the beginning of Year 12. Year 12 girls have formal lessons on Higher Education and career choices. They attend career talks, university open events and workshops on Personal Statement writing and the application procedure itself.

The individual guidance programme continues throughout Year 13 and during the post-result season.  UCAS candidates are encouraged to complete their UCAS forms by the end of the first half of the Autumn term. Practice is then organised for interviews. 

For some of our girls, application to the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge is a realistic aspiration. We have a bespoke programme for those students, including regular meetings with a dedicated member of staff who guides them through the very specific application process. Our Oxbridge mock interviews have the advantage of being shared with both Warwick and Myton Schools.  It is important that parents and students are aware that some university courses have specific AS and A2 Level requirements.  Such courses include Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Engineering and Architecture.  Students are strongly advised to regularly check the university course requirements by visiting the UCAS website and, more importantly, by contacting university departments directly.  Some courses may have preferences with regard to AS and A2 subjects and students are encouraged to take responsibility for making sure they are putting themselves in the strongest position possible for application, by making highly informed choices.