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Digital Learning

Since September 2019, King’s High has been implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme for our pupils from Year 8 onwards, successfully bringing the use of digital technologies into the classroom. The following information explains why we have introduced the BYOD programme, how we will be supporting you and your daughter in the choice of a device, and the ways in which we will be investing in technology and support in order to ensure successful outcomes.


First and foremost the introduction of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Scheme is about the girls’ learning and achievement. It is not about the technology. BYOD means that the focus is on task and output rather than the brand of device, and we are mindful that girls may well already have devices which are suitable for accessing technology in school. 

We believe strongly that devices will enhance the excellent teaching and learning that is already happening in our classrooms, rather than replace it. It is not our intention to move away from the more “traditional” methods of learning, but to provide access to the most appropriate method for each learning activity – using technology alongside class discussion, written and practical work.

Your daughter is living in a world where access to technology as an aid to learning is becoming more and more important, as is digital competency in the world beyond school, for which we want to prepare them as fully as possible. Appropriate, and safe, use of technology will allow the girls to get the most from an already rich curriculum. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the quality and availability of electronic educational resources, and we use these extensively at King’s. From subject-specific packages like Linguascope (MFL), Digital Theatre (Drama) and ArcGIS (a Geography package) through to the increasing amount of material shared online by our teaching staff, these resources enhance every girl’s learning.

For many learning activities girls relate to - and enjoy - using contemporary technology both at home and at school. However, they also need guidance and support to use this technology constructively and safely, and to make considered choices. We believe that the benefits of accessing enhanced technology for our girls are powerful, but equally important is the time we invest to educate the girls on becoming digitally literate and digitally safe throughout their time at King’s.

To read more about “Blended Learning” and what is being done across all departments, please see the attached document below entitled “BYOD and Blended Learning Brochure”.

Why a choice of device?

We are clear that for our pupils to become successful members of society we need to help them develop an understanding of how to effectively use technology in ways that support their individual needs and aspirations. Enabling pupils to choose and make use of their own, personal device for learning has a number of benefits. Some pupils may already be familiar with certain technologies that they may have used at home or in school. Other pupils may opt for a particular technology/device dependent on their subject choices in KS4 and KS5. Having the option to choose their device provides the opportunity for girls to go on to explore more creative and challenging uses of these technologies.

What is a suitable device? 

The aim of the BYOD programme is to be as inclusive as possible and to support a wide range of devices so that individual preferences can be accommodated. The criteria we would expect a device to fulfil in order for it to be successful as a BYOD device within our school can be found enclosed in the attached documents below, which give an extended explanation of the individual criteria in the specification (“Bring Your Own Device Specification” and “Bring Your Own Device Specification – explained").

Purchasing through a school recommended supplier

Please see the two attached documents below for more information on purchasing a device through our school supplier. The first, "Device Purchasing Scheme" gives details about the whole BYOD purchasing scheme and the devices and warranty options available. The second, "Ordering with System Active", gives all the information about purchasing and collection of devices.

You can now purchase a device through our school supplier by clicking on the link here: System Active Portal Page.

BYOD set up guides 

Whether your daughter has collected her device in school or whether you have opted for home delivery, you can find a number of guides that you and your daughter can work through to set up your device "straight out of the box" on Classlink here:

Your daughter will be able to sign in to Classlink using her school email address and password. The help guides can then be found in the "BYOD set up" folder.

There are also guides for girls who are bringing in their own device from home in the same location.

All girls new to the scheme will have a "BYOD Introductory lesson" in the first two days of term in September to show them how to use the core applications that will be used in school and to ensure that they can access the school WIFI network successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the attached document for more information. 

Contacting the school for further information

If you do have any queries that have not been answered here, then please do get in touch using the following email address: