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News from Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

News from Key Stage 4 - February 2019

Celia Tedd, Head of Key Stage 4, writes: ‘The year 11s handled two weeks of mock GCSE exams with resilience and ambition, and are to be congratulated on the progress they have shown in their work towards their GCSEs. The Year 10 girls, with the luxury of time on their side, have embarked on a new ‘Create Project' which invites them to delve deep into topics of their own choosing. The ideas thrown up so far have been utterly inspirational, from analysis of prisons in the developing world to the viability of growing human organs in lab conditions, from special effects makeup to mockumentary script-writing. Dr Seal and I have been wowed by the girls’ range of interests and the spark that they have shown in researching their ideas. The finished projects promise to be mature, quirky and sophisticated, and we cannot wait to see them.’