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Learning through the students' Equality Working Party

The Equality Working Party was set up by students in response to Black Lives Matter.  It embraces students and staff, and their inaugural event saw Pirasha (Lower Sixth), Ivy (Year 11) and Joana (Year 9) talking about their lived experiences of issues relating to racism, and answering a series of QandA’s from the whole school.   ‘It was an amazing experience,’ says Pirasha. 

The Equality Working Party connects with other student-led societies, such as the Hobbs Society (named for renowned British philosopher, Angie Hobbs, who has spoken at King’s, both live and virtually).  

Maud reports: ‘This term, our focus for Hobbs Society has been racial justice. We have heard from Shianne Williams, who has been organising protests in the local community, and from our very own Pirasha, who spoke about her experience being first generation British. This week, we will be hearing again from Joana, and her brother Joshua, Head Boy at Warwick School, who will give the male perspective.   It is so great to see girls and staff not only continuing the discussion but educating themselves about the issues people of colour face daily. We have felt so much gratitude for those of you that have come forward and spoken about your experiences. It is so important that the community learns from you.’