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Academic Support

We are proud to support all our students, so they can realise their full potential. At the heart of King’s High’s philosophy is the huge value placed on the abilities and achievements of all our girls.

King’s is committed to providing the best possible learning environment for each student. We focus on the whole child, and support their many talents - musical, sporting and academic - in order to raise self-esteem and ensure each girl feels happy, secure and a valued member of the school community. We operate an open door policy where girls can access help and guidance as needed.

At King's we recognise the need to pick up on any underlying difficulties early and in Year 7 girls will be assessed using online assessments. These will enable any difficulties which may arise to be addressed immediately.

All staff at King’s support our students throughout their journey. We operate a graduated approach to Special Educational Needs (SEN) as recommended by the current SEN code of practice. Through outstanding classroom practice teachers are able to pick up and act quickly upon individual girls' needs through ‘assess’, ‘plan’, ‘do’ and ‘review’ as stated in the code of practice. Even our most able girls may find one or two areas of the curriculum unexpectedly challenging and through the graduated approach these girls' needs are raised quickly and assessed by our Senco and Student Support Co-ordinator, Lucie Harris. These assessments enable us to have a full understanding of a girl’s needs, and to provide strategies and advice to both girls and staff, thus enabling pupils to achieve their potential personally, socially, emotionally and academically in all areas of the curriculum. 


Boost is the King's High programme for academic support at King’s. It is designed to offer positive support and encouragement, alongside specific learning strategies and additional provision, to ensure that every pupil at King’s High can thrive and achieve her full potential.

The Boost programme is open to every pupil in the school. By contacting the Boost Team, students will be able to access expert advice and support, including a whole range of activities, from our student-led learning forum, to bespoke core skills workshops.

What academic support can Boost offer me?

The Boost Team is focused on the individual needs of each girl. We work to understand the specific academic and learning needs of the student before developing an action plan with targeted support strategies. We will communicate very closely with parents throughout this process. The wider academic support available at King’s includes:

  • Sixth Form academic mentoring programme.
  • Department workshops and study clinics.
  • Occasional talks for parents and students about study skills and specific learning needs.
  • Personalised learning using digital technology to support progress.

The additional support and provision offered by the Boost Programme includes:

  • Regular meetings and weekly drop-in sessions with our expert Boost Team.
  • Small group intensive mini-courses on core skills.
  • One-to-one tutorial sessions on core skills and core subjects.
  • Our new student-led learning forum for sharing ideas and experiences of learning strategies and challenges.
  • Regular communication with teaching staff and parents to ensure that teaching is responsive to individual learning needs.
  • There are two weekly lunchtime sessions run by our expert team and designed to offer tailored academic support and guidance.

Anyone interested in attending should speak to or email Mrs Lucie Harris: