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Be Inspired: record turnout for Art Society's first Artist Talk

There was (virtual) standing room only at the inaugural Art Society meeting.  Over sixty students attended an Artist Talk with Minty Sainsbury.  Renowned for her fine pencil architectural drawings, Minty’s work can be found in private collections from Miami to Beijing, and she has exhibited across the UK, Paris and New York. She has collaborated on Instagram with Airbnb, Microsoft, Faber-Castell, and Winsor & Newton among others. 

Laura and Emily, who run our Art Society, report:  

‘Minty’s talk was so interesting and it was inspiring to hear about her journey as a young successful artist. It was fascinating to learn about both becoming an artist and studying architecture and how they overlap. The Q + A session gave us an insight into her tools and artistic processes. She gave us advice on how we can improve and develop as an artist, such as highly recommending life drawing, growing on social media and who she looked up to. She mentioned how her time at Cambridge was hugely beneficial to her architectural studies – “Even when I was there, I had that feeling that I am never going to live in a building as nice as this ever again!”.’ 

This talk was part of our Art Inspire programme and Paige, in Year 8, was moved to email: ‘Having just finished the most wonderful and inspirational talk from Minty Sainsbury, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for these aspirational and unique talks that open up my mind and others as well to all of the incredible opportunities you offer to us! My mum watched along too and agreed that it was so brilliant!’.