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Supporting British Science Week at King's High

King's High Science Department and our student-run Café Scientifique celebrated British Science Week with a packed programme of events, talks and activities, as we teamed up with universities and national institutions.  As Mrs Sims, Head of Science, put it:  'At King's, we supported British Science Week from 5-14 March. Yes, I realise that's more than a week, but there is just SO MUCH SCIENCE!'

You can see the full programme below, but some highlights include:

A talk by Coventry University's Fatmah Khalefah on her cardiovascular drug research, and British Science Week's #SmashingStereotypes theme, as she described how, growing up in Libya, she chased her dream of doing biomedical research.

Sixth Former, Shivanshi's interactive presentation on 'The Bubble Universe'.

Live practical hosted by Birmingham University's Department of Chemistry.

Ms Ostrander blending Biology and Psychology in a workshop on 'Sight and Perception - What you see isn't always what you get'!

Talk from Dr Andrew Bassett of The Wellcome Sanger Institute on how cutting edge genome engineering techniques are helping us understand genetic disease.  

Quizzes, competitions, the NFU Farmvention Challenge, and Key Stage 3 pupils building their own water wheels. 

A virtual tour of  Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, with a talk and discussion for Foundation pupils about their innovative work in drug discovery.

Joining Coventry's Green Week 2021 with a talk by Coventry University's Dr Bethan Grist on how  science labs could be made greener.