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Read how the 'Bring Your Own Device' scheme is transforming work in the classroom

Jenny Parkinson-Mills, Director of Educational Innovation, reports: ‘The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme is already transforming the teaching and learning experience for the girls in the King’s classrooms. From creating virtual storyboards of the life of Jesus in Religion and Philosophy, to running simulations of experiments that cannot ordinarily be done in the school laboratory, girls and staff are using the technology in creative and imaginative activities that bring the subject material to life.

Every girl in Years 8 - Upper Sixth, the year groups involved in the scheme, took part in an introductory BYOD lesson in the first two days of term, to introduce them to the core applications that they will be using daily. We have also had our first iChampion sessions after school with parents and pupils. In the parent workshop, they took part in a mock lesson with devices so that they could learn more about the ways in which their daughters are using the technology. The pupil workshop saw girls drop in should they require a further helping hand with the technology, or wish to develop their IT skills further.

The e-library is up and running successfully, with girls booking out e-books, just as they would do with the hard copies in the library. Planet e-stream is providing girls with access to the video media that staff are sharing with them in lessons, or even access to recordings of the lessons themselves – all of which they can then watch again in their own time at home. Live multiple editing of documents is making collaboration possible at the touch of a button – not only promoting debate and discussion in and out of the classroom, but also developing a skill that no doubt the girls will be using in their lives beyond school. Languages classrooms are now instant language labs, with girls having instant access to online listening exercises for example. This really is an exciting time to be in the classroom!’