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Creativity in action: Da Vinci Society

Led by Freya, Abbey-Rose, Olivia, and Phoebe, our students’ Da Vinci Society is so much more than an Art club – it has become a forum for creativity in the widest sense, from Art and Design to discussion, debate and ideas. The Society has a large following across the whole school, as the leaders report here: 

‘The Da Vinci Society has hosted a variety of events this term, which were attended by many throughout all year groups. We welcomed former student Amber Parr, now at Cambridge University, to talk about her experience studying Architecture, which was very encouraging, with the course seeming very art focused. Dr Barwell has a great passion for History of Art and gave a talk, showing us a range of prominent paintings. The Chair of Da Vinci, Freya has presented discussions on the Originality of Art and Surrealism which were so insightful and thought-provoking; the latter session was even turned into our first Da Vinci podcast! We also ran practical sessions including Origami, in honour of Mrs Renton who used to regularly do this, where we made origami flowers, now featured on our News board.’