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'Ordinary People' on Holocaust Memorial Day

We marked Holocaust Memorial Day today with a special assembly in Warwick Hall, led by Jane Curzon from Generation to Generation, and with a service of remembrance at Warwick War Memorial, where pupils from King’s High read a poem that they composed themselves on this year’s theme of Ordinary People. 

Ordinary people 

Ordinary people living ordinary lives,  

Ordinary babies crying ordinary cries,  

Ordinary children playing ordinary games, 

Ordinary teens with ordinary aims.  


These ordinary people lived not so ordinary lives, 

Separating and destroying children, husbands and wives, 

Brainwashed by governments and regimes, 

Ordinary people stealing ordinary dreams. 


These ordinary people lived not so ordinary lives, 

Being mistreated, discriminated against no chance to thrive, 

To the outside world they may all look alright, 

But deep down inside they have surrendered their light.  


But ordinary people can do extraordinary things, 

Emancipating some ; their life begins, 

We remember all those affected especially today, 

Here in Warwick on this Holocaust Memorial Day.