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Welcome to King's High's first Annual Conference

We are delighted to announce a hugely exciting and ambitious project - the inaugural King’s High Annual Conference: Change, Challenge and Choices 

Pupils and staff came together for the first King’s High Conference – an interdisciplinary conference, reflecting on the Changes, Challenges, and Choices that have shaped humanity.  Pupils from across the Year Groups, from Year 7 to Upper Sixth, presented academic papers on a whole range of subject areas, from Engineering to Sports, Art to Global Policies.  

Year Group pupil panels listened to their peers, to discuss and develop different ideas that explored the central theme - how can we challenge, change, and make choices that will benefit future society?  Keynote speakers were Professor Sarah Richardson, from the University of Warwick, on The Past History of Misogyny in Politics, and Ms Rachel Bradbury, on Controlling the Narrative: Revisionism, Reinterpretation and Reinvention.  

Below are just some of the pupils’ presentations: 

Originality is rare – Freya and Phoebe, Lower Sixth 

The future of big tech is in our hands – Thea, Year 7 

Should veterinary care be free - Sophie and Gwen, Year 8 

The importance of variety and equality in sports – Zara and Jess, Year 8 

Genetic engineering: an ethical disaster or the solution to climate change – Eleanor, Year 9 

Rethinking movies through the pandemic – Grace, Year 7 

Changing communication of the written word – Charlotte, Year 9 

Comparing the Japanese and English education systems – Lucy, Year 10 

What if the moon was made of cheese? Challenging Wallace and Gromit – Zoe, Year 9