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'A Triumph' - Read about King's High and our amazing girls in Tatler Schools Guide 2021

Tatler visited King’s High the day ‘The Spirit of King’s’ sculpture was unveiled.  Following King’s High’s entry in the Tatler Schools Guide 2020, they wanted to see the new school building, and spent the day talking with girls and staff.  While many things have changed for us all since then, the spirit of King’s - embodied by our girls, who make King’s High the special place it is - has not.  So we are delighted to share some comments from the Tatler Schools Guide 2021 review with you. 

Praising ‘the stunning new buildings on the shared Foundation campus’, the review goes on to say:

‘This is an academic school with the results to match (well within the top 100 nationally), but as one parent emphasises, ‘Girls are not valued on academic achievement alone.’  
‘There’s no end of opportunities, from Drama (Little Shop of Horrors was ‘gloriously anarchic’) to the Enrichment Programme, Inspire, as well as 48 sports clubs, 55 teams and the Talented Athletes Programme.’
‘The icing on the KH cake is a phenomenal pastoral care team.’
‘After such a momentous year, some schools might take their foot off the pedal, but not King’s.’