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Café Scientifique, our student-led club for Science (and more) launch virtual events

Café Scientifique, our student-led club for all things Science (and more)  launched a fantastic series of newsletters, along with a programme of events for fellow students (available internally on the Café Scientifique channel).  

You can read their most recent (December) newsletter below.  Among other topics, this looks at microplastics on Everest, origami robotic hands, sticky electrons, and how using surplus or waste milk to capture CO2 could help offset methane emissions.

And here’s a message from the Editor, Shivanshi

Hi, Welcome to Café Scientifique, a place for anyone who has a passion for the Sciences, Maths, Technology and much more. It is our hope that many of you will wish to read our newsletters, as it a great opportunity to explore modern science and get inspired.'