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High Level Thinking Skills for Oxford and Cambridge

Record numbers of girls are preparing applications for Oxford and Cambridge.

Dr Phil Seal, Head of Academic Enrichment, reports: 'Lower Sixth have impressed this year with their serious, hard-working approach to Oxford and Cambridge applications. Our weekly after-school sessions focusing on the process of applying have included seminars led by current Oxbridge graduate students. The girls are also meeting weekly now with subject mentors from King's staff, focusing on wider reading and high level thinking skills. It's hugely exciting to see how high aspiration leads to motivation, progress, and a culture of unabashed intellectual excitement. All in all, Lower Sixth are leading the way and shaping the academic culture at King's.

The latest step in the girls' journey is a mock exam in the style of admissions tests that Oxford and Cambridge set to applicants. 'Hard' doesn't quite cover it when it comes to these tests. They require quick thinking, sustained focus, and the ability to think clearly under pressure. It's wonderful that so many of our Lower Sixth are up for this mind-widening challenge, and we wish them well as they continue working towards their goals.'