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Bugsy Malone - Junior Production

The Junior Production, Bugsy Malone fizzed with energy and fun, as the whole cast (New York accents spot-on) brought the world of speakeasys, showgirls, and splurge guns to life. Lillian’s Bugsy was a real charmer. Gabrielle was a touching Blowsy, Harriet a slinky Tallulah.  Charlotte’s smooth Dandy Dan  – in true Hollywood tradition – was a very English villain.  The contrast with Niya’s Fat Sam – all comically explosive energy, and oversized suit -  made for great comedy, supported by her hapless gang, Freya, Olivia, Elizabeth, Lily and Freya.   Dancers, Alodie, Aimee, Mia and Ava (with fantastic choreography from Maud ) proved a real wow, performing Tap, Contemporary, and a very funny pastiche of Swan Lake.  The whole cast provided great visual gags, comedy, and real poignancy, including Charlottes’ heart-breaking solo as Fizzy.  The Junior Production was a combined school affair, with a staff band of musicians, and senior girls, Purdy, Maddie, Amy, Cecily and Maud (all working for Arts Award Gold), Assistant Directing, designing posters, and leading Hair and Makeup, and Choreography.  To see photographs of the Cast in action, view here