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Please note that Warwick Preparatory School students will need to reapply for LAMDA lessons and places are allocated in order of receipt of application. Therefore, early application is advisable to avoid disappointment. If we are oversubscribed, students will be added to a waiting list and be contacted when a place becomes available.

Please complete the form by Friday 28 June.  If, after this date, you are interested in lessons, you should still complete the form at the bottom of this page, but also contact Mrs Mills by email.

A LAMDA programme in Speech and Drama was introduced into King’s High in September 2009. The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is one of the oldest Drama schools in the UK, renowned for their examinations and their performance training throughout the world. 

LAMDA lessons provide a variety of benefits for the students. They build self-confidence and self-esteem and develop invaluable communication skills for life, particularly in the arena of Public Speaking. Acting lessons can raise performance levels by developing technical skills and artistry, which complement the GCSE and A Level Drama courses, through enhancing imagination and thinking. The Speaking of Verse and Prose can also support the English curriculum, with the appreciation of Literature and Poetry. 

We work towards different LAMDA Examinations, and these are discussed with each individual student based on their experience and interests. We deliver LAMDA Examinations in the following pathways: Reading for Performance, Acting, Speaking Verse and Prose, Shakespeare and Speaking in Public. LAMDA Examinations are recognised and accredited by the QCA and have been included in the UCAS points tariff. Students passing LAMDA Examinations at grades six, seven and eight will be able to claim points comparable with their attainment, and these can be added to their UCAS application forms. 

LAMDA lessons are offered in pairs or individually to students. If your daughter would like to have lessons, please complete the online form at the bottom of this page and your daughter will be offered a place when one becomes available. 

Timetable for students taking LAMDA lessons 

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)
Students in the Sixth Form must take their LAMDA lessons outside of their timetabled lessons. They may have LAMDA lessons in their study periods, before school, at lunchtime, or after school. 
Key Stage 4 
Students in Years 10 and 11 must take their LAMDA lessons outside of their timetabled lessons for example, before school, at lunchtime or after school. 
Key Stage 3 
Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will receive one LAMDA lesson a week during their timetabled lessons. Timetabled lessons missed will try to be rotated with the LAMDA lessons cycled sufficiently apart, so as not to clash with the same lesson in two consecutive cycles. It might be that days of lessons may vary each term. A copy of the timetable is given to pupils by the teacher at the start of each term. It is also posted on the LAMDA notice board. 

The maximum number of lessons that a student may take for LAMDA, and Music combined is two per week; this includes any lessons missed for Music Theory. Any requirements over and above these two lessons will need to be accommodated outside of lesson times. 

Times can only be re-arranged to accommodate other activities if a request is made at least two weeks in advance of the day of the lesson. We can only deliver a catch-up lesson if your daughter has a trip, or an exam, for which notice will need to be given. Students should arrive in time for the start of their lesson, having notified, in advance, the staff teaching the class they are missing. 

Students are matched carefully with other pupils and their teachers. However, depending on their needs and progress, the teachers have the discretion to move them, so that they work with new partners or on their own.  Although we try to accommodate the same LAMDA Teacher each year, this is not always possible because of the need to work around students' school timetables. A written report is provided in November and in June, yearly. 

LAMDA Examinations 
Most students take their LAMDA Examinations in February. We aim to enter all students for their LAMDA Examinations. However, some students choose not to do them every year and this will be discussed with the student depending on individual circumstances. Sometimes a student may miss out a grade if it is appropriate. For example, take a higher grade over two years. It is the teachers’ decision as to when the students are ready to take an examination, and at which grade and level the pupil will be entered. The students can take Grade 7 and 8 in the Sixth Form, unless there are exceptional circumstances which are proposed by the teacher, for an earlier entry.