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28 January 2021

Play in a Day

Renowned physical theatre company, Highly Sprung, joined our Year 7 students this week to create an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle using physical theatre as the key means of storytelling. Students worked extremely hard throughout the day showing their excellent collaborative and creative skills.  

Each cast performed a section of the adaptation, using their physicality to tell the story and working collaboratively to create a confident portrayal of the play, which was performed at the Bridge House Theatre after school to a live audience.

Well done to all involved, this was a spectacular day to be a part of! View the Gallery here.

Aspiring Creatives in Theatre (ACT) Club

This week Mrs Wild led a group workshop on Sock puppets. 

Pupils were given a demonstration of how to bring a sock puppet to life and were then introduced the logistics of puppetry. They discussed how to move a puppet and what the puppet was made from. 

The group then started to create their own, this was through drawing and cutting the structure of the mouth and reinforcing the puppets head. 

Next week students will decorate their puppets and begin to bring their personalities to life. 

Sock puppetry will continue for the next two weeks, come to the drama studio at lunchtime to join in the fun! 

21 January 2021

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Talisman Talent agent, Emma. 

Emma joined A.C.T club today via Teams to speak to students about how she created her agency.  

She began by explaining the inspiration behind her move to create her own business along with what her job role includes.

Emma gave pupils advice on what she would look for when auditioning for potential clients, what types of jobs are accessible to her from other platforms and gave them assistance on how to prepare themselves for the industry.  

This meeting was full of helpful guidance and a chance to ask insightful questions and extremely beneficial for those who want to learn more about the options within the performing arts industry. 

For more information about Talisman Talent visit

14 January 2021

This week, drama clubs have started to explore classical Shakespeare texts to take part in the ISA Shakespeare Monologue Competition.

Students have the choice to either perform a classical Shakespeare monologue or write their own based on an existing Shakespeare character. They then must learn it off by heart, rehearse and, finally, film the end product.  

Each club has been researching texts, experimenting with acting techniques and exploring how vocal dynamics can change a script. All students are excited and have been asked to bring in a monologue to rehearse with if they wish to take part. 

For more information on rules, please click HERE.

10 December 2021

The Year 7 and Year 9 Drama students have been working exceptionally hard during the lead up to their assessments this week! 

All year 7 pupils have worked collaboratively to produce fantastic melodrama pieces. Year 9 students have been working in the style of Brecht and have created great work to make the audience think about behaviours, social, and wider issues that go on in the world. 

Well done to everyone involved! 

Drama clubs have been working endlessly at break and lunch times in preparation for their showcase next Tuesday 14 December. 

From the beginning, their work ethic has been extraordinary! Each group were given the theme of Christmas and several stimuli to inspire their work. KS3 and KS4 Musical Theatre groups have been learning and choreographing routines from The Greatest Showman. They have worked tirelessly in a team to achieve above and beyond what is expected! 

After 6 weeks of working hard, sharing peer feedback, and experimenting with relevant performance techniques, all students are excited to share their work to a live audience. 

Huge congratulations to all students in extra-curricular drama clubs! 

3 December 2021

Last week, the Year 11 Drama students performed their devised pieces, for Component 1 module in their GCSE work. 

All groups were given various stimuli to explore and create from, and there were fantastic examples of Creative Thinking!   

Several groups incorporated the idea of fame and the contrast of reality and the fight to sustain it, inspired by the song ‘Starz In their Eyes’- Just Jack. 

Other groups were motivated by the ‘Because…it all decays!’ quote (100-Imaginary Body). One group explored the aftermath of an earthquake and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. Another focused on a group of friends who were involved in a car crash and how one girl (‘Caitlin’) had to continue her life with Amnesia. 

The students involved in this process should be extremely proud of themselves for creating such well thought and impactful theatre. Well done Year 11s! 

Aspiring Creatives in Theatre Club

Today in A.C.T club, students participated in a lighting workshop led by Mr Roberts in the Bridge House Theatre. He introduced the workshop with the history of lighting, all the way to how it is used in a production nowadays. He began to explain how different lights and effects can create mood and impact on stage. 

This was fascinating as we were given an insight into past productions in the Foundation and how lighting was used to enhance these performances. 

Thank you for all students who joined us today and stay tuned to see what we are up to next week!

26 November 2021

This week, over 50 GCSE Drama students went to see The National Theatre’s “The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-time” at The Troubadour Theatre in Wembley Park. The show uses awesome projections, dynamic physical theatre and clever technology to give the audience an insight into the protagonist’s (Christopher) autistic mind. It is a hugely powerful show, and it was an exciting day for all: it is so wonderful to be watching live theatre again! Students will evaluate the performance for their GCSE examination later this year.

Aspiring Creatives in Theatre Club

In our Aspiring Creatives in Theatre (ACT) club, Mrs Wild is continuing her shadow puppet workshop. Students are making under-seascapes including mermaids and turtles and will then rehearse and present their very own piece of shadow puppet theatre!

This has been an amazing experience as it has given an insight into creativity within Drama and Theatre. There has been a wonderful buzz during this club since it began!

22 November 2021

Last week, in our Aspiring Creatives in Theatre (ACT) club, Mrs Wild introduced students to the ancient art of Shadow Puppetry! We began by looking at the history and basic principles of shadow puppetry, and then we started to create short pieces in groups. This week, we will be experimenting with our handmade puppets and perform our pieces to the rest of the group.

19 November 2021

Our lunchtime Drama Clubs have worked exceptionally hard in creating and rehearsing towards an end of term showcase! 

This will be on Tuesday 14 December 2021 and includes work from both KS3 and KS4 Drama, KS3 and KS4 Musical Theatre and KS3 Comedy. 

This showcase is to celebrate the dedication of all students and the enjoyment that occurs in Drama clubs throughout the school year. This is a perfect opportunity to support the students and their new skills! 

18 November 2021

It was wonderful to see the Bridge House Theatre full again for our Senior Production as Everyman took to the stage. To mark this important step it was perhaps apt that it was a new play, or at least a new version of a play, written specifically for us by Adrian Jarvis. Our Everyman is a retelling of the 15th century morality play with original contemporary-styled songs. Set in 2021, it is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking exploration of morality as the protagonist is forced to reflect on the actions they have taken in life and the impact of those decisions.  

Adrian Jarvis’ work has been seen before on the BHT stage (Gilgamesh 2017) and this exciting modern ensemble reworking of Everyman was contemporary in both its subject and its styling and fuelled by an electronic score and songs.  Our Everyman was suffering with COVID and facing the choices and relationships of his life; specifically the people he had harmed in pursuit of his own wealth and reputation. Digital screens showed video which accompanied the action on stage and the ensemble switched expertly between roles as diverse as business executives (Robot song), the homeless (Salvation) and even the inside of Everyman’s head (Pulchra, Cretia and co).

The cast were tremendous from the outset, embracing the challenges within the text, offering creative ideas during rehearsals and experimenting with the music that is interwoven into the play. Not only was it an excellent opportunity for our senior students to tackle a different and new text, but it was also delightful to have live theatre return to the Bridge House Theatre. Audiences were moved by the performances, commenting on the emotional content and the way it forced them to personally reflect on their own lives!  

Superb solo performances were given throughout, and the result was a tremendously moving, timely and powerful piece of theatre that reminded us all that whatever we believe the need to ‘do good things’ in our lives prevails.

Special mention must go to Taha for his outstanding portrayal of the protagonist Everyman, and to Rose (Pulchra), Hope (Witt), Lottie (Cretia) and Lauren (Bim) for their energetic and vibrant performances, and to the entire cast and crew for their contribution to what was a striking final performance.  

A very special mention must go to Ian Roberts who retires in December from his role as Foundation Technical Manager. His creative vision and expertise were evident throughout Everyman in the stunning lighting design and the visually impactful TV screens suspended above the stage which created the world of the play through colourful, eye-catching videos. We are incredibly grateful for all that he has done to support the Drama department and our students, and he will be sorely missed.  

View the Everyman Gallery here.

12 November 2021

Aspiring Creative in Theatre

Our first A.C.T. Drama Club (Aspiring Creatives in Theatre) took place today. Mr Roberts explained the creative process that a lighting designer undertakes for each production and demonstrated some of the technical features in our current show, Everyman.