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A British Baccalaureate and Maths to 18?

Dr Burley, Head Master, shares his latest blog:

'It’s been interesting to read the recent coverage around the emerging plans from the Prime Minster to ensure that all young people study Maths to 18, possibly as part of a new British Baccalaureate, that could see students follow a programme, similar to the International Baccalaureate (IB), with three ‘major’ subjects and three ‘minor’ subjects instead of A Levels.

'On the face of it, it seems to make sense. Few could argue that Maths skills are not vital and that the more young people we have with higher-level Maths skills and competence the better. Furthermore, various baccalaureate systems are in operation around the world and are very successful indeed in providing educational breadth and balance across a range of subject areas and academic domains.

'However, when one considers the educational priorities of our time, it seems odd to start at the top end of the system with A Level reform. We know, for example, that the early years and foundation stage (EYFS), from birth to five years old, is where investment will have the greatest impact on life chances. Developing world-class EYFS provision that provides every child with the very best start to life is surely more important that reforming a highly regarded A Level system.'

Read Dr Burley's blog in full below: