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More about our Inspire Programme

Outside the classroom, King’s offers a wide range of activities and events gathered under the heading of the ‘Inspire Programme’. Overseen by the Head of Academic Enrichment, this extra- and supra-curricular provision includes:

  • A range of enrichment trips for all Key Stages, including regular visits to Oxford, Cambridge, London and beyond.
  • A wide range of societies, including those led by our Sixth Form, that meet regularly to discuss Mathematics, Science, English, Philosophy, History, Politics, Journalism, STEM, Current Affairs and more.
  • The Inspire Lecture Series, including recent talks from Prof A C Grayling and Prof Sir Jonathan Bate.
  • Inspire Dinners, where visiting academics speak about their work, and the Landor Dining Society, where smaller groups meet an expert in their field.
  • An Inspire Homework allocation for KS3, where students work towards our popular 'Inspire Essay Competition' and enter prestigious external competitions.
  • Fortnightly timetabled lessons, entitled 'Create' and 'Curiosity', for Years 10 and 11, with a focus on research skills and developing personal academic interests.
  • The Inspire Higher Education Programme, with an emphasis on preparing students for high-level university applications, including Oxford, Cambridge, London and beyond, as well as applications for Law and Medical Sciences.
  • Exciting initiatives such as our link-up to the International Space Station through our ‘Mars Project’.
  • A host of further departmental clubs, societies, trips and events.